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KFM - Keysi Fight Method

KFM originated in Spain but popularity has grown immensely and now covers the Globe. KFM was not born or reinvented in the 'dojo'; KFM was born on the streets of Spain with gypsy origins. It has grown, developed and matured on the streets, a direct consequence of real events, experiences and subsequent years of investigation. KFM is an amazing multi-dimensional journey into the world of self-discovery.

What you will expect in KFM classes is shadowing boxing, focus mitt work, heavy bag work, standing, ground, footwork, self-defense grabs, blocks, counters and take downs. Keysi Fight Method trains you in several scenarios such as being attacked outside, lying down, sitting down, standing, 1 and more attackers, shielding, blading, 360 movement, weapons and more! KFM also teaches to use your block as an offensive move to destroy the attack; this will be the fastest method to stop a continued threat from an extreme close range.

KFM is an art form dedicated towards the study and investigation of survival on the modern day streets. It is in a state of constant evolution, never standing still and fuelled by research and investigation. You must allow yourself to evolve and grow on a daily basis if you are to truly absorb the essence of KFM and realize that KFM lives in the blood and not in the collection of techniques.

Renee Nolte is a Certified KFM Instructor, Licensed School Owner and Brown Belt in Keysi Fight Method. Renee is certified in Keysi Urban X, Keysi Urban Weapons and KFM Law Enforcement Division. She trains directly with Justo Dieguez Serreano founder of KFM and Andy Norman Co-founder as well as World KFM Ambassadors and Team Leaders. Renee began training in KFM in 2007. In October 2010 Master Nolte attended the KFM World Conference in Benidorm, Spain.
KFM is offered Monday and Wednesday evenings at 8:00PM with classes lasting 1 hour. Renee Nolte also hosts a Texas A&M University Recognized Club for KFM.

For more information on KFM and to learn how you can become an On-line University student visit the Keysi Website (http://www.keysikfm.com)

   Testimonies from KFM students:

I trained in a similar style in San Antonio, TX and although I loved the curriculum, I didn’t enjoy that classes weren’t personal, the Instructor never took time to get to know the students.  When I moved to College Station I began looking for a Krav Maga school, and I found The University of Sidekicks.  I was instantly hooked! Classes here are very “hands-on”, personal, enthusiastic and friendly.  I’ve been training here in Krav Maga and KFM and continue to further my skills, knowledge and overall confidence.

-N. Earl, Krav Maga & KFM student

 When I started KFM I didn’t really know what to expect.  I only knew I want to be able to have skills to protect myself, and those I care about.  I feel with Master Nolte’s guidance and the fun-challenging environment she provides that I am succeeding!  I love learning and taking these classes and I want to continue my education in this very important class!

-S. Hasskarl, KFM white grade student.

Training with Master Nolte has been educational, fun and flexible with my lifestyle.  I have come a long way and have really begun to use the skills I have learned in my natural movement.  My confidence and strength have only improved with my experiences.

-J. Kronman, KFM student

I' m a bodyguard out of Atlanta Ga. I had the unique and most gratifying opportunity to train with Ms.Nolte. I found Ms. Nolte to be very knowledgeable and talented. With her real world training of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, she has the real world skills that are needed in my line of work to enable me to protect and better secure my clients. I feel Ms. Nolte's programs are reality based and are necessity for anyone wanting to better equip themselves for real world confrontations. I have trained in many martial arts and fighting methods over the past 20 years and find her way of teaching to be very informative and easy to learn.

-S. Roberts, PPS/CST International Protection Group Inc. Atlanta Ga. New York, NY.  

TAMU Self Defense Club

The primary mission of the Texas A&M Self Defense Club is to provide students, faculty and staff with first-rate training in both Krav Maga and the Keysi Fighting Method, which are two styles specifically designed for real-life self defense situations. Members will learn how to defend themselves against real threats, develop more confidence in their personal safety and achieve or maintain a higher level of personal fitness.

For more information visit TAMU Self Defense Club Website”

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“Trying the program is easy! Call (979) 661-1560 to schedule a free lesson and learn more about our school and the programs we offer.




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